1 March 2021

Key reports and research

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Most recent first:

Report by energy expert Robert McCullough in response to Horgan’s Feb 26 announcement of geotech fixes & new budget of $16 million.
March 1, 2021

BC Gov’t: Geotechnical Safety Overview Report
February 2021

BC Gov’t Backgrounder: Site C right bank foundation enhancements – summary of geotechnical fixes to the sliding structures
February 26, 2021

SUMMARY of the Milburn Report on Site C
Dated January 27, 2021

Report by energy expert Robert McCullough (expert who helped expose the Enron energy scandal) advising Horgan to cancel Site C
October 12, 2020

BC Hydro’s late 2020 quarterly reports, finally admitting south bank foundation problems, 7 months after they were discovered
Released July 31, 2020 – the Friday of a summer long weekend

BCUC – New inquiry on its regulatory responsibilities regarding safety, including for the Peace River Dams with special mention of Peace Canyon Dam and Site C.

BC Hydro, statement on diverting the Peace River for Site C
The claim is that the river will be diverted in Fall 2020. But the Williston reservoir upstream is full and can’t hold back more water, and the river is—quite unseasonably—in full flood. Diverting a full river is risky and perhaps impossible. It should not be attempted until it is certain the Site C dam structures can even be fixed.
BC Hydro website, Fall 2020

BCUC Site C Inquiry, 2017
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BCUC Site C Inquiry – Final Report
The BCUC Site C Inquiry’s own executive summary graphic:

BCUC Site C Inquiry's Executive Summary

Roller Compacted Concrete Buttress at the Site C Clean Energy Project
A paper submitted to the November 2016 Canadian Dam Association conference by the group of engineers who produced the L-shaped Site C dam design. It was published in the CDA Quarterly in Summer 2017. One of the authors, John Nunn, is now on the board of BC Hydro and on Horgan’s secretive Project Assurance Board that is overseeing the project, so in an apparent conflict of interest he is effectively checking his own work. This paper details, with surprising candour, the extreme instability of the Site C site. The buttress is the exact structure now experiencing the serious and expensive instability at Site C.
Canadian Dam Association Quarterly, Summer 2017

Letter on the geotechnical issues at Site C
By Arthur Hadland, former director of the Peace River Regional District, to the PRRD.
March 2, 2013

2009 Site C Engineering Report
By SNC-Lavalin and Klohn Crippen Berger
November, 2009

Advocacy publications, petitions, podcasts, videos

Journalist Sarah Cox gives updated review of Site C
Podcast, October 18, 2020

The case to Stop Site C construction
Laila Yuile, commentary and timeline

Canada’s Sinking Site C Megadam
Webinar by North American Megadam Resistance Alliance
with journalist Sarah Cox, Candace Batycki of Y2Y, & energy pundit Norm Farrell.
October 14, 2020

BC Hydro Lies Cost BC Citizens Billions
To gain public support for massive spending, BC Hydro is untruthful. To avoid taking responsibility for bad public policy, the Horgan Government pretends not to notice.
Norm Farrell, In-sights, September 22, 2020

Site C is Sinking into Old Mud
Open letter by Arthur Hadland, a former director of the Peace Valley Regional District, September 2, 2020

Sierra Club petition: Tell New England Governors: Oppose Canadian Megadams
New England’s ability to address climate change, the well-being of Indigenous communities, and the health of our forests and rivers is at risk of being undermined by proposed Canadian megadams.