Maximize existing BC dams

8 September 2020

We fight on despite Premier Horgan’s disastrous Site C decision & his embrace of the sunk cost fallacy at our expense.

First, please donate to West Moberly First Nations’ court challenge to Site C: it’s strategic and winnable. And please share! Thank you.

Please see our Press page for an up to date archive of stories on this destructive boondoggle.

Please demand immediate transparency from the BC gov’t: release the  Milburn report, the 2 expert reports, and the terms of reference for the latter.

Read the summary by Harry Swain who chaired the Joint Review Panel on Site C.

Please use this calling tool from Yellowstone to Yukon to ask Horgan and his ministers to Call The Whole Dam Thing Off!

In the fall, prominent British Columbians wrote an open letter to Premier Horgan, calling on him to halt work at Site C and hold a transparent, independent expert review of the project’s geotechnical problems and finances

Add your name to the open letter—sign the LeadNow petition: Stop All Work at the Site C Dam Now

Read the letter which was signed by Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, a former CEO of BC Hydro, and David Suzuki among many others. The Site C dam is facing geotechnical instability problems that are likely insurmountable. The foundation problems are so serious that BC Hydro recently rated the health of the project as code ‘red,’ meaning it faces serious financial instability too. The project should be halted—including stopping the imminent diversion of the Peace River for the dam—pending a proper, independent, publicly transparent review. Premier Horgan has asked Peter Milburn to conduct a review but its timeline and terms of reference are unclear, and allowing work to continue on the dam during the review seems to suggest that the review can not recommend cancellation. BC could be throwing good money after bad. This is especially serious during a pandemic when that money will be urgently needed elsewhere, and especially senseless when the alternatives to Site C are far cheaper. Premier Horgan must not use the Milburn review to dodge urgent questions about Site C, and the election should not be used to distract British Columbians from the risky, expensive and destructive diversion of the Peace River for a potentially unfixable dam.

Please challenge any political candidates you encounter in this election on their position on Site C and tell them you want work stopped immediately, including diversion of the Peace River, pending a full independent review.

Click here for an up-to-date Site C FAQ

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